Easy Do-It-Yourself Construction

Simple 1-2-3-4 Process

No Crane Needed!!

Over 95% of our customers choose to construct their buildings themselves. Steelspan Buildings require no skilled labor nor any special tools or equipment -- it's a simple nut &bolt system!

Every building comes with a complete easy-to-follow assembly manual and toll-free, factory direct assistance from qualified, experienced people -- not telemarketers! Any questions prior to getting started or during construction itself can be easily answered.

1 -- Pour a simple floating foundation (footing).

2 -- Build Arches

Over half the work is done on the ground. 2'W x10'L identical panels are bolted end to end to make individual arches. One size nut & bolt is used throughout the entire building. Safe and easy!

3 -- Raise Arches

This can be completely done by hand -- no heavy equipment is required. This will save you thousands of dollars by eliminating contract labor!
Cost minus labor equals affordability!

4 -- Install Endwalls and Doors

Endwall panels are pre-punched and pre-cut for fast and easy installation.

4 -- Customizing Your Endwalls

Customers choose to build their own ends to add color to the building or to match their house or existing structures. Frame-in with studding (wood or steel) and install siding of your choice-wood, steel, vinyl, brick, etc.

The whole family can get involved!

Last Updated 16 April 2001.
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