Different Models

Steelspan Buildings, Inc. offers three styles of buildings: The Q-Series, The S-Series, and The P-Series. Please look and read about all three models--which works best for you?


20'W to 100'W in unlimited lengths-Our most versatile model

These remarkable arch-style buildings are ideal for storing and protecting grain, livestock, farm machinery, commerical equipment, and are the ultimate hay storage building. The arch has long been known for its unmatched strength and durability. It provides the best protection against strong winds and tornadoes and allows the continuous channeling of rain, snow and ice off the building.

Steelspan Buildings, Inc.'s Q-Series is designed and tested to the highest standards of quality and is engineered to stand up to the severest weather conditions.

This is the strongest building on the market--bar none!


16'W to 50'W in unlimited lengths-Popular for commercial use

A straight sidewall with an arched roof, providing a clearspan interior, are just a few of the features that make Steelspan Buildings, Inc.'s S-Series the number one steel building in America today. These versatile buildings are preferred for government storage facilities, business retail and warehousing, and large machinery shelter both commercially and agriculturally.

Designed by the best engineering professionals in the business, the S-Series provides years of maintenance-free storage along with unmatched strength and durability.


14'W to 30'W in unlimited lengths-traditional shape popular for garages and shops

Whether you're needing a back yard or commercial shop, a single or multiple garage, shelter for your boat or RV, or simply a place to store your tools and equipment, Steelspan Buildings' P-Series buildings are the perfect solution. With traditional straight sidewalls and a peaked roof, but without the traditional interior posts or trusses of a pole barn, the P-Series building allows the builder 100% usuable space and room for a second story or deck.

Additionally, you can customize the ends of these versatile buildings to match your house or existing buildings in the surrounding area. (Please see our Construction page for examples.)

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