Satisfied Customers

It doesn't take an expert in construction to erect an Steelspan Building. People with no building experience can build the building in a very short time. Here's what our customers say:

"Free standing construction allows conplete use of all floor space. This is an excellent building. My only regret is that I didn't get it sooner."
Wayne Hartzog - Florida

"While the building was under construction, a tornado passed a few feet from it. I was amazed that the building sustained no damage."
Chris Martin - Louisiana

"My husband (age 62) and I (age 60) did a great deal of the work ourselves. We are proud of our results and believe that, if we can do it, anyone can put one of these buildings up."
Neal Haze - Kansas

"It was easy to put together and everyone in the family helped. It didn't take special tools or abilities. It also fit together real well."
Cecil Wiebe - Kansas

"What I like best is the size and durability of the product. Of all the different metal buildings I looked at, Steelspan Buildings are the only one with a 120 mph wind load. Most of the others are only 80 mph. It also has a superior galvaluming process."
Jeff Peters - Washington

Last Updated 20 April 2001.
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