Factory Specials

The purpose of these specials is to offer a no-nonsense approach in purchasing a building. Are you tired of dealing with pushy or high pressured salesman? Tired of telemarketers? This could be your solution. Take advantage of one time offers on selected buildings selling at a reduced rate-The price will not be a problem!

These buildings will be sold "as-is" on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. These are available to qualified customers only. Sorry, no exceptions.

  1. Immediate sale only - Immediate delivery only.
  2. All People involved in the building decision like and want this style of building.
  3. Own the Land where the building will be erected.
  4. Financing In Plac e - You must have the money or can get the money - no question or problem.
  5. Shopping Is Done - You must have quotes from other building companies to compare to our building or a price means nothing. Be prepared to discuss in detail.
  6. Details include pricing will be discussed per phone, not e-mail. No prices will be discussed with non-qualified buyers.

Take a look-these are excellent buys! Buy the no-nonsense way and save!

Last Updated 17 April 2001.
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